Partners in Health Pediatrics, Houston Area, Texas
Partners In Health Pediatrics
  902 Frostwood Dr, Ste 179, Houston, TX 77024.


Making Appointments

  • Making Appointments
    We request office visits by appointments for better utilization of time & resources. Please call: 713-255-0400 for an appointment.
  • Appointment Cancellation
    Cancellation of appointments should be done 24 hours in advance. For same day cancellation or no-shows, fee may apply to your account.
  • Appointment Arrival
    Managing your appointment time is important to us and we try to keep appointment time, subject to medical & other issues. You can help us in timely appointments by arriving 15 minutes early for new patient and 5 minutes early for established patient visits. If you arrive late, all later appointments may be affected. In the event that you are late by 15 minutes or more for well child visit, we may reschedule the appointment and/or apply late fee to your account.