Partners in Health Pediatrics, Houston Area, Texas
Partners In Health Pediatrics
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Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees

Transparency of Fees

We don’t have any hidden fees. For some in-house services offered as convenience to the patient families, fees may apply when not covered by insurance. However, prior to any services with a charge, we will provide you information about how much the additional services may cost.


Urgent Referral (less than 24 hours notice): $25, Medication Authorization/ Others: $20 per form

Missed Appointments

Missed Well Visit (or late by more than 15 minutes) Fee: $50, Missed Consultation/ Appointment Fee: $50

Bounced Check and Past Due Balance

Fee may apply. Check with Office.

In Office Laboratory

We are pleased to offer some on-site labs. Strep throat, RSV, Flu, Mono, Urinalysis are some of the on-site tests. Please check with office for other on-site tests. Convenience fee may apply for some on-site lab services.