Diagnosing ADHD

Medical Science does not provide a singular test to diagnose ADD/ADHD. Determination of ADD/ADHD requires a healthcare provider to be involved and use a number of different tools and protocols; a checklist of symptoms, interview about past and present problems, a medical exam to rule out other conditions. The symptoms of ADD/ADHD, such as difficulty concentrating and hyperactivity, can be caused by other medical problems. Therefore, a thorough assessment is crucial for ADD/ADHD diagnosis and management.

The forms below help in assessing ADHD and managing it. We may require completed teacher and parent Vanderbilt forms to schedule initial consultation.


Check out the publications and information provided here to help understand if your child needs ADHD assessment by Clicking here.

Alternative Treatments

At present, combination of medication and behavioral therapy is the best option to effectively treat ADHD. For additional information on other available therapies and ongoing research, Click here.